Thursday, April 9, 2009

His Glory

Growth is the path I must take,
discipline & pain the direction,
Your joy, my motivation,
that leads me to Your purpose.

The scars become my altars,
bittersweet reminders of my salvation
from a world that was never meant to be
to a life of eternal glory.

The claws of sin scrap hard and deep,
but His healing tears cleanse my wounds.
He’s crying with me.

Lost lifeless in utter separation,
He used death to unite us again.
A light that could not fade,
a connection He could not lose.

I was meant to be His glory,
precious and priceless in His loving gaze.
Grace has washed my feet,
mercy anoints my head,
and I can once again bow before my Lord.

So He continues to call me,

pursue me,
fondly transforming
my scars to beauty.
And the more I allow myself to rest
in His security and peace,
the more I understand my true worth.

His pearl,

washed and bruised,
eroded and refined,
caressed and cleansed,
will shine again with Him in eternity,
His glory.

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