Thursday, April 7, 2011

You pay for convenience

This thought came to mind the other morning as I was getting ready for work - just a seemingly random thought at the time. However, as I contemplated it more, this phrase I've heard before - that you pay for convenience, it hit me in a new way. We do pay for convenience....we pay more money for the newest gadgets that offer the promise that they'll save us time or effort, will help us accomplish what we need to do in a faster, more efficient way.

And believe me, I like faster and efficient. I don't like to waste my time doing something if it can be done in a 'better' way.

But I just wonder if I've ever really counted the cost of convenience - not just financially - but what I'm giving up when I'm doing things 'the easier way.' What experiences am I now able to avoid that God may have used to build my character, to grow my discipline, to produce perseverance in me? What depths in relationships do I miss by sending quick text messages and emails, instead of taking the time to even make a phone call or sit down over coffee? What am I now exempt from because the easy way is available, more accessible than ever?

"Enter through the narrow gate; for wide is the gate and spacious and broad is the way that leads away to destruction, and many are those who are entering through it." - Matthew 7:13

And I think about my daughter - all the conveniences this world will offer her - and what she may miss out on because of this.

Lord, please grant us (me) wisdom and discernment to choose what is best over what is available and permissible, to choose Your way over the world's and even my way. Give us Kingdom eyes to know what is of real value.

In Jesus' Name I pray and place my trust,

Lord, please


  1. You are so right Jenny! Your comments made me think about meal time. (all aspects of it-prep, eating and clean up!)
    How easy it is to half heartedly prepare meals, call the family down to eat, they all scatter back to their video games and stuff and there I am left to clean up.
    There is something about preparing the meal together with your children,spouse(or friends) that causes us to slow down and 'see' the day. The meal is more than just a feeding of our true hunger pains. This fills us up in so many different ways.
    We do need to stop and see what God has for us in each moment. He is there. We just have to look for his hand.
    Angie Mock

  2. Food is definitely a good example - for the reasons you gave, and also the lack of nutritional value found in a lot of the faster options for meals.